How To Get Your App Indexed For Search Engines

How To Get Your App Indexed For Search Engines

There was a time when getting an app across the users was a cakewalk. Not anymore, as there are a lot of cakewalks going on at the same time. A very tough competition is out there to make users install the apps. Now, you have to make your app more search friendly with the search engines and play stores, work on its content, videos and other stuff. With a lot of Android and iOS apps getting launched on daily basis, it gets very difficult to stand out in the crowd. So, let us help you get your app indexed for the search engines!

How To Get Your App Indexed For Search Engines

6 Helpful Tips To Get Your App Indexed:-

  1. Optimize Your Website For Mobile
  2. Most of the times, search engines don’t index the content from the app but from the website itself. This makes it very important to optimize your website for mobile usage. It should have quality content for the app, which will help the search engines to rank your website directly for the respective app search.

  3. Header Tags
  4. This just works the way, one works for a SEO campaign. Make sure you have headers and description tags in the content section of your apps. This will help in more detection to the search engines for your app. Also, make sure to create content that stands out from your competitors big way.

  5. Use Deep Links
  6. One way to make your app more search friendly is to mention its existence in the HTML markup of the respective web page. Add the selected URL using a tag in the web page. This will help in detecting the app through the link, just like a keyword!

  7. Don’t Forget To Enable Full Crawling
  8. Although it makes every sense to enable crawling, after working so hard on the app content. Even then, most of the people forget to enable it. This prevents crawling to your website and its content, thus lowering the chances of ranking for your page and the app!

  9. Testing The Implementation
  10. It is very important that the handwork you have done, gets payed off. Make sure to test the implementation of your deep links. It is essential that the links direct directly to the content of your app. Search Console or Android Debug Bridge can be used for this purpose, in case of android apps.

  11. Performance Measures
  12. After you have set up the deep links and successfully tested the implementation, its time to measure how it is performing actually. Use the search analytic report in search console, for getting the information on clicks, queries and performance pages of the app. With the help of referrals from deep linking, you will be able to understand the traffic to your app and take steps to manage it.

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