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Social Media Marketing Windsor

Social media services are qupite perplexing. When someone hears the term social media, their minds usually divert towards Facebook and Twitter. However, there are many out there! Finding the ones that help you connect with your customers in Windsor. Are they fond of using Twitter or LinkedIn? Are they posting their photos on Instagram?

Fire StartUp social media services are designed take control of your messages across various social media platforms, and is based on getting to know your unique business challenges and goals in Windsor.

Lets start by getting to know a little about you. So why not give us a call or drop us an email.

How our social team can help

Our team makes sure that your business doesn’t fall into the ‘The 10 Biggest Social Media Disasters’ List. We also won’t take over your accounts fully because we know that people want to chat with you and not just receive sales messages from your marketing agency.

Social Consultancy

We’ll develop a powerful social strategy based upon your business goals. Whether you want your existing in-house marketing team to require guidance, or need an assistance in building your social presence from scratch, we are here to find the best approach for your business.

Brand Engagement

We communicate effective messages to your social audience – from promotions to general responses and comments to conversations within your social circle. We ensure that this social engagement is made in a clear, concise, and professional manner.

Social Media Monitoring

We’ll forage the social networks, making sure that you are aware of who’s talking about you, what they’re talking and what do they think, and whether this is all happening in a positive light. This helps you stay ahead of the conversation, and contribute whenever you need to.

Social PPC

Social media brings new platforms, wide reach and the ability to refine your target audience. We use social ads to enhance your presence and generate interest in a new product or service. This could be done through Facebook & LinkedIn Ads, or sponsored YouTube content.

Reporting & Analysis

We love to collect data. Our social media reporting and analysis will help to identify and inform you about the future activity not only in your social spheres but across all your social media marketing channels. Reporting leads to optimized social media campaigns.

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