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So Who are we?

Fire Startup are online marketing experts, using search engine optimization and paid media to drive traffic, leads and sales to the client’s websites. We are one of the biggest Google certified AdWords agencies in Windsor. We leverage the power of the World Wide Web to significantly grow your business by utilizing winning strategies that are measurable, sustainable and focused on providing you a positive return on investment. This means, more leads, more customers, increased sales and low marketing costs. Depending on your industry and needs, we design a variety of internet marketing strategies. Some of these include, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay per click advertising and much more. We also stay ahead in the game by including mobile design in our website design and development services. We only take on your business if we are sure that we can grow it! Our clients are our only source of new business and they always recommend us to potential clients. We believe in transparency and honesty and if we think we cannot grow your business we will not take your money and make fake promises. Before working with you, we’ll do an in-depth research of your market, profitability and your competition.  

Our work speaks for itself! Have a look at our amazing web designs

Do you want to achieve success online? Fire Startup is the right choice for you.

Fire Startup is an innovative, full service online marketing company in Windsor. We’re an established company and enjoy consistent growth every year. Our high energy and skilled staff is committed to improving your digital experience.

If you are feeling frustrated because you haven’t been able to achieve your online and offline marketing goals, let the Fire Startup team help you meet as well as exceed those goals. We know that an eye-candy design does not necessarily convert leads into sales, therefore, we provide various strategies and services that deliver results.

So, what do we exactly do that helps our client hit their bottom-line?

The answer is: unmatched online marketing services.

Fire Startup produces high visibility for highly searched keywords on highly popular search engines such as Google and Bing. The reason your website should be among the top rankings is to enhance the visibility of your company amidst the many competitors on the Internet. Once we help you achieve a greater online visibility, you’ll experience an increase in traffic to your website. If the visitors like your website (which they will) they’ll hang around. If they hang around for good amount of time, you will have the opportunity to convert a casual visitor into a paying customer.
Fire Startup understands that measuring performance is important. Our analytics provide detailed reports that give you performance insights, with the goal of improving your return on investment. Fire Startup closely monitors all activities to continuously provide a feedback to the clients.

Rest assured with a team of skilled and experienced professionals working to improve your online presence. Call now for an initial consultation.

How We Can Serve You

Our high quality, cutting edge internet marketing services include, but are not limited to—

SEO is the leading internet marketing method. Why? Because Page 1 of Google matters. Fire Startup’s SEO strategies aim to bring your website to 1st page of Google, and Bing. We have done it before and we can do it again.

Did you know that majority of our website visitors come here via the search engines? So the fact that you are here is enough to understand that Fire Startup is highly visible.

Our team is highly focused on results; not just carrying to-do-list of tasks. It takes passion and commitment day in and day out to produce results. We are actively communicating with our clients so they are informed what to expect and when to expect it.

We are a Google Certified Partner. Our PPC or Pay per Click services are created and managed by true PPC professionals who have years of experiences and a certification from Google. From comprehensive keyword research, bidding strategy to conversion rates, we can drive positive return on investment straight to your bottom line.
Are you looking for a new website design, ecommerce integration or a website renovation? Look no further! We offer the finest website design and development services in Windsor. No matter you want a more professional look or a more entertaining experience, our design and development team will work closely with you to create the look and feel that communicates your business message to your audience.
Internet marketing and social media are inseparable. We make your brand visible, connected and involved in the conversation across the various social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. We are the social media experts bringing the power of communication to your business.

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