6 Must-Have Plugins For WordPress Website Development

6 Must-Have Plugins For WordPress Website Development

6 Must-Have Plugins For WordPress Website Development

WordPress Plugins play a significant role to extend the functionality of your WP website. But, there are so many WordPress Plugins that help your users navigate through the site with ease. However, it depends on the kind/niche of your site which plugin you need to use, but there are some essential plugins that every WP developer need to install.

6 Must-Have Plugins For WordPress Website Development

You will find multiple free and premium plugins for WP, but most of the plugins are freemiums. It means the plugin will be free with an upgrading option to the premium version to access more features. Well, below is a list of plugins you must install for every WP website.

Speed Optimization Plugins

When your website takes too much time to load, chances are you will lose your customers and sales. Google incorporates the page loading time into the algorithm. Whether it is mobile or desktop, the speed of web page load is crucial. For this you have below plugins:

  • W3 Total Cache is a plugin that improves the speed of your page loading. Its additional features include the database caching, CDN support, browser caching, object caching and many more.
  • WP Smush optimizes all kind of images file in JPEG, PNG and GIF formatting by using the latest compression techniques. The images on your website are essential, but it takes up too much storage space which slows down your site. WP Smush auto smushes your attachments on uploads as well as allows you to smash it manually.
  • WP-Optimize automatically cleans your WordPress data which results in boosting your website speed.

Analytics Plugins

You don’t need a plugin to add Google analytics. You can insert the tracking code while some themes are already having an option for this. But, if you use the required plugins, it will bring a beneficial turn into its functionality.

  • Google Analyticator is a plugin that you can use to add your Google analytics code easily. Thus, it allows you to stop logged in users from being tracked. The plugin also has a lot of widgets to display analytical data in the admin.

Security Plugins

As WordPress websites are the most popular platform for building sites, it is necessary to use all the required precautions. The security plugin is an essential part in this regard.

  • Wordfence WordPress plugin allows you with enterprise-level security in free of cost. It tracks every activity that takes place on your website and instantly notifies you whenever there is something wrong. Its other features are firewall protection, blocking, login security, monitoring, live traffic, malware scan and more.

Backup Plugins

Backing up is an important activity that ensures your website recovery in case of any tragedy strikes. The plugin is the best way to control over the backup process.

  • BackupBuddy is the premium WordPress backup plugin that allows you to schedule daily, weekly and monthly backups. It automatically stores the backup in Rackspace cloud, Dropbox, stash, FTP and emails it to you. BackupBuddy especially useful when you want to migrate to a new server.

Social Media Plugins

Installation of social media plugins can improve the popularity of your website, brand or blog.

  • Blog2Social automatically shares, re-post, auto-post, re-publish and schedule blogs or posts on all social media networks with a press of a button. This plugin supports almost all systems, you only need to set up, and the rest plugin will do for you.
  • Social Metrics Tracker tracks your content performance on entire famous social media platforms. Using this, you will have a dashboard where you will be able to see all shares that your post achieved.

SEO Plugins

Search engines are essential to bring the maximum traffic to your site which leads the conversion rate and boosts the sale. Many things you need to do to optimize your site for search engines that WP doesn’t support by default.

  • Yoast SEO is SEO plugin used for WordPress website or blog. It has a great range of features such as the ability to add XML, meta description, sitemaps, SEO optimized breadcrumbs, provide suggestions to improve content quality and generate SEO score of your site.

The list of essential plugins mentioned above is a necessary enhancement in improving your site functionality. If you want to know more about the WordPress plugins feel free to contact Fire Startup. Our team of professional WordPress website developers in Windsor always helps the business to improve their brand image and generate more revenue.

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