5 Security Risks That Every Business Faces & How To Prevent Them

5 Security Risks & How To Prevent Them

5 Security Risks That Every Business Faces & How To Prevent Them

Whether you are running a small business and big organization, no business can be counted safe from a security threat. Even reputable companies are the preferred target of hackers.

5 Security Risks That Every Business Faces & How To Prevent Them

So, every business should be alert and stay updated about the latest business security methods. Your lack of awareness is the biggest reason behind the security risk.

What Do Hackers Do With Your Website Data?

Hackers hack your site for a variety of reasons like for fun or on the demand of your competitors. By accessing your website, they can misuse the entire data like remove the images and videos from your site. Thus, your business will get not profit, affect your brand reputation, low ranking, no sales and revenue.

How To Lower The Security Risk

1. Create Strong Passwords

Accessing your password is the first thing that hackers do, and unfortunately, most of the people use “admin” as a username or password, which is your biggest mistakes. Create a strong password using the eight characters, upper or lower case letters, symbols, a number even emojis. One thing more, keep on updating the password after a short period and make sure it does not leak out.

2. Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a mechanism to twice-check login credentials to make sure that you are who you claim. In this technique, your username and password will be the first factor in logging into your account. And, the other code could be anything, be it is a secret question, an image, PIN code, fingerprints scanning, retina scans, voice recognition and more.

3. Remove Unwanted Applications

If you have a software that is no longer in use, it could have unpatched vulnerabilities to leave your system exposed to cyberattack. The application installed on smartphones or desktops could carry security risks if the developers support them. Remove all the applications running on your mobile.

4. Update Website CMS & Plugins

Whatever content management system (CMS) you are using, keep it up-to-date. Software updates help in security vulnerabilities, fix the bugs, and add functionality. Most of the developers use WordPress, which also lists the plugins on your site along with the updates available.

5. Encryption Of Data

The encoded information is also known as encrypted. Whether your data is stored on the device, cloud or being transferred through the internet if it is encrypted, the information will be decoded by the person or computer has the key. The small business should especially go for the systems with a built-in encryption option.

There are lots of security risks that online businesses face. It is necessary to use a secure platform to develop a website and keep it updated along with using the tips mentioned above to prevent hacking. For this, if you need professionals help then reach us at Fire Startup. Our team of web developers in Windsor is familiar with the latest tools and technologies to develop secure websites and keep it maintained and updated. Call us to request a quote.

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