Free Infographic Creation Tools List and Their Benefits

Free Infographic Creation Tools List and Their Benefits

Initially, the content was published as text most of the time .until the age of graphics. It was then that we had software like PowerPoint, Photoshop, and Story Editors coming up. When the age of social media came, businesses posted content on those sites using Photoshop images. This gave birth to a new kind of graphics, a graphic symbol representing some information, an infographic. Lately, some excellent infographic creation tools have been doing the rounds. FireStartup presents a list of free infographic tools that are available to businesses around the globe:

Free Infographic Creation Tools List and Their Benefits

The Infographic Tools

  1. Canva: Canva is perhaps the best tool online using which even a beginner can make professional-type images in a matter of minutes. Time-consuming tasks such as using logos, social media handles, or hashtags take a few minutes only. Specific Canva tools help you make sleek images that do not offend the viewer.
  2. Venngage: Venngage comes as both a free and a paid service. The free service offers some basic facilities while the paid version offers advanced tools that are beneficial for the business. The animated infographics available in the paid version is an astonishing feature.
  3. PikToChart: Much like Venngage, PikToChart also comes in a free and paid version. Even though the free version is good to start up with, the paid version offers better options. One can easily design infographics, posters, and flyers even.
  4. Visme: Visme is a tool that allows users to create visual content such as infographics, social media posters, banners, and flyers. There are templates provided in it that the designers can make use of while designing their infographics.
  5. Infogram: Infogram allows you to create infographics, charts, maps, and online charts.
  6. Without even possessing any design experience in designing, users can design stunning content using the available layouts and templates.

Benefits of Infographic Tools

  1. Great Way to Attract the Audience: Infographics contain images that represent text and are not boring. A look at the infographic makes the meaning clear. A greater audience gets hooked up as such.
  2. Easy to Understand: Nobody has the time to read and understand long paragraphs. Infographics convey the same in a short time and a better way. 
  3. Shareable: Infographics can be saved and shared with other users. The platforms they are shared on may vary from social media to blog posts or within a team. As of today, infographics are a better way of promoting your content. 
  4. Increase Sales: As infographics attract a greater audience, they are bound to generate more sales and be easily understood.

Let’s Wrap It Up
Infographics are a new way to present your content and ideas. They are a wonderful format which, when used, can bring profits to a business. Let’s give them a try and see the results.

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